Elizabeth A Weaver II

Coming from a long line of Elizabeths (6 generations) here in Atlanta, Liz’s roots are deep within the Atlanta community. After college, Liz started her own consulting firm, TOGA (we Take Over, you Get Accepted) dedicated to helping high schoolers in the Atlanta area get into college. Skills acquired while running TOGA include fundraising, operation management, process workflow, market strategy development and business plan development. To pursue a lifelong interest in Neuroscience, Liz worked with the renowned Neuroscience faculty at Georgia State University and received her Master’s in Neurobiology in 2009. While in school, Liz interned with the Center for Disease Control with the Healthy Brain Initiative as well as Child Neurology Associates. Liz's passion outside the lab grew, and in 2012, she worked with the philanthropic and communications foundation, the DANA Alliance for Brain Health. Currently Liz manages the Brains & Behavior Area of Focus at Georgia State University. It was in these combined experiences where Liz saw the growing need for the bridge between science and the public. For 8 years, Liz has made science and health literacy a priority throughout all of her endeavors. Through BrainWheel, Liz delivers full service project management of science or health campaigns by providing the following:

Podcast Editing & Publishing

Videography & Post Production

Website Development

Magazine & Newsletter Design/Development

Curricula Development

Print Media


Social Media Management

Branding & Artwork


Hillary Doyle, Ph.D.

Hillary was born and raised in northern California but has probably been in Georgia long enough to stop calling herself a Californian. In high school she loved English and Art, and had every intention becoming an artist. In college, she dabbled with an art degree (pun intended) before changing her undergraduate major to psychology, and ultimately going on to pursue her PhD in neuroscience at Georgia State University. During the day, Hillary is a graduate student who studies sex differences in brain immune function and drug pharmacology. By night and most weekends, she is carving out her niche as a science writer and journalist. Hillary joined the BrainWheel team to explore science beyond the lab. By using the skills acquired from her graduate work, such as critically evaluating and translating scientific literature, her goal is to present accurate and interesting science to all audiences. 

Hillary specializes in the following:

Primary Research

Science Journalism

Graphic Design

Public Speaking and Communication


Linda Q Beach, Ph.D.

Linda grew up in a southwest suburb of Chicago, Illinois, and stayed in Illinois to attend the University of Illinois- Urbana/Champaign for her Bachelor of Science in molecular and cellular biology. While in college, Linda fell in love with neuroscience and spent most of her free time working in a honeybee research laboratory that investigated the neural pathways driving plasticity in learning and memory. She stayed in the Big Ten and went on to obtain her Ph.D. in neuroscience from Michigan State University, where she studied the neurobiology of sex differences in brain and behavior in zebra finches. Linda was recently recruited to the Atlanta area to begin a Next Generation Scholar post-doctoral fellowship in the Center for Behavioral Neuroscience. She joined BrainWheel to diversify her skill set beyond the laboratory bench and to acquire new experiences in science consulting. She aims to bring her love of collaboration, attention to detail, and problem solving to her projects at BrainWheel. Outside of science, Linda enjoys perusing through food magazines for her next culinary challenge, making a mess while drawing with charcoal, and sweating out said food challenges at Bikram yoga. She also loves marine life and is proud to be a part of the volunteer program at the Georgia Aquarium.

Linda specializes in the following:

Primary Research

Science Writing

Education and Outreach

Public Engagement and Communication